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Greetings from the American Advertising Federation Daytona Beach Chapter (AKA Daytona Beach Adfed), where our goal is to advance the business of advertising as a vital and essential part of our local economy.

Advertising has a $280 billion dollar economic impact, or 17% of Florida total economic output. Advertising professionals also employ over 1 million people statewide.

In other words – Advertising = Growth.  Advertising has a very direct correlation to economic growth. This is an undeniable fact and the biggest reason why you should join the Daytona Beach Advertising Federation today.

The new Adfed season is about to start and we have a lot planned.  Go to to find out more.   I encourage anyone in business to sign up and become a member today. 

Daytona Beach Adfed has a lot to offer.

  • We educate and inspire our professionals on the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing through our Monthly Lunch Programs held at Daytona International Speedway.
  •  We’re offering the biggest showcase of advertising and industry related companies at the Marketing Next Expo.  This year’s event will be held on Friday, September 25th at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. 
  • We network members together to yield creative business solutions.
  • We protect and promote advertising at all levels of government and have an established PAC Program
  • We develop future leadership for the advertising industry through our outreach program to all local high school and college students enrolled in marketing and advertising programs.
  • We honor and celebrate advertising excellence every year with our Addy Awards and Gala Event.
  • And we also know how to have FUN! Join us at our first social of the season – BJ’s Patio Party on September 25th.

Lastly, on behalf of Daytona Beach Adfed’s Board of Directors we welcome all the new members and look forward to seeing everyone at the Marketing Next Expo and the BJ’s Patio Party. We hope that you will join and become a member today.  We will continue to make plans and prepare to fulfill our goal of advancing the business of advertising in our local economy. It’s an honor and pleasure to serve as your President.

Continued Success,

Dean W. O’Brien, President

Daytona Beach Advertising Federation




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