Bissy Holden Receives Silver Medal Award
Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 9:30PM

Bissy Holden Receives Silver Medal Award

The AAF Daytona Beach honored Bissy Holden of Florida Health Care Plans with the Silver Medal Award on February 28, 2019, at the ADDY Awards Gala. This is the highest honor bestowed at the local club level and the Silver Medal Award Program recognizes an outstanding member of the local advertising community.

The men and women who are honored with this award make outstanding contributions to advertising and have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. 

Bissy Holden serves as the Director of Wellness and Marketing for Florida Health Care Plans, presiding over numerous advertising campaigns each year. She is an active volunteer, serving many different organizations and boards in our community. Overall, Holden's contributions to her company, her creative ability, contributions to the advancement of advertising and the community make her a worthy recipient of this prestigious award. Congratulations Bissy Holden!


Recipients of the AAF-Daytona Beach Silver Medal Award are as follows:

1963 Houston Lawing

1964 Bill Seitz

1965 George Schmidt

1966 Bob Webber

1967 Floyd Kay

1968 Jim Bosand and Fred Steadman

1969 Sedgeley Thombury

1970 George Tracy

1971 Tom Staed

1977 Lee Marshall

1978 Jim Benedict

1979 Don Shepherd (posthumously)

1980 Bob Hughes

1981 Sanoma Robertson

1982 W. John Johns

1983 Mike Jiloty

1984 Greg Snelling

1985 Jim Shipley

1987 John E Evans

1988 Clark Winchester

1989 Tippen Davidson

1990 Sally Snelling

1991 Tony Welch

1992 Martha Vancamp

1993 Edee Dalke

1994 Jerry Doty

1995 Tom Lindley

1996 Alan Robertson

1997 Chris Scali

1998 Steve Wise

1999 Thom Giordano

2000 Joetta Raylots

2002 Sharon Damante

2003 Angela Cameron

2004 Pam Moss

2005 Vickie Foley

2006 Jan Edwards

2007 Sharon Mock

2008 Michael Benedict

2009 Nikki Lynn

2010 Kay Galloway & Dean O’Brien

2011 Ira Heller

2012 Debbie Berner

2013 Scott Disbennett

2014 Carl Brigandi

2015 Steven Smith

2016 Michael Panaggio

2017 Alin Jacobs (posthumously)

2018 Bissy Holden

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