Benedict Advertising is hiring an Account Executive
Mon, May 09, 2016 at 1:50PM

Account Executive Job Description
-Responsible for daily contact with clients
-Interfaces with various departments to move job through agency on behalf of clients
-Develop strategic marketing plans for clients
-In charge of managing strategic goals and overall strategy for clients
-Responsible for carrying out marketing plan on a daily basis
-Responsible for gaining new business for existing clients
-Proofread and approve all creative work
-Write and input all creative briefs and job orders
-Relay all client changes to appropriate agency personnel
-Effectively presents, sells and defends all agency work/proposals to clients
-Keeps appraised of client’s brand/products/services/marketing developments
-Keeps appraised of client’s competitive landscape
-Assists in preparing client invoices, proposals, marking/media planning
-Prepares all invoices by the last day of the month
-Regularly checks for and responds to all client communications, including calls, faxes
and emails
-Checks and approves creative/production materials, copy, layouts and coordinates client
approval of the same
-Ensures prompt collection of accounts receivable
-Coordinates project timing and budgets with relevant agency personnel
-Keeps appraised of client’s projects through productions and creative department
-Conducts relevant research on behalf of client or per client request

Skills Needed

Must have 3-5 years of experience in marketing related positions.

Ability to Multi-task
Job is fast paced. You must be able to prioritize your work. This position is deadline
driven and you must be willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and on

Problem Solving
Each day is a challenge as different issues arise; problem solving is key. Providing
solutions and quickly is essential.

Must possess excellent communication skills; verbal and written. Communicate
regularly with co-workers and clients regarding projects. Must have very good people
skills, presentation skills and posses knowledge of selling techniques.

Strategic Thinking
Must have a firm grasp over strategic thinking and be able to translate that into action and
marketing plans for clients. Must possess knowledge of marketing and be able to relate
that knowledge to a client’s business on a daily basis.

Every day will be filled with more requests than can be accomplished. Being able to
prioritize and stay organized is a key to success.


Contact Hollee Palot for more information, or to apply for this job.

Benedict Advertising is hiring an Account Executive

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