Become an Official Sponsor for the ADDY Awards Gala
Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 9:42AM

Become an Official Sponsor for the ADDY Awards Gala

Sponsor the ADDYs and receive extra exposure for your business while supporting the creative spirit of advertising. Event sponsorships are available now at different levels.


AAF Daytona Beach 2019 ADDYs Sponsor Levels


  • Sponsoring a table is an excellent way to ensure your entire party stays together at dinner while showing off your brand logo

  • Benefits include:

    • Table tent featuring your logo in a prominent space on the table

    • 8 Tickets included to fill your table with your posse



  • This year’s theme really goes back to the sweets, like Wonka’s infamous chocolate fountain and table Sweet-erpieces that will steal the show. If you make sweets of any kind, consider joining Wonka to make an impactful branding concoction

  • Benefits include

    • Opportunity to place your sweet product (or business info) on tables as part of our Sweet-erpieces

    • Branded napkins at Wonka’s infamous chocolate fountain

    • Presented By a-frame banner with your logo near Wonka’s infamous chocolate fountain

    • Special, on-stage mention at beginning of awards ceremony

    • One (1) dedicated social media post and one (1) dedicated eblast

    • 4 Complimentary tickets



  • Each category in our awards ceremony has many ad entries, but only a select few win Best Of. Sponsor this upper echelon level of awards and associate your brand with the best-of-the-best

  • Benefits include

    • Logo visible and prominent on all Best Of presentation slides during your selected category

    • Special, on-stage mention prior to announcing Best Of winner(s) of your selected category

    • 4 Complimentary tickets



  • Specialize in Print? Digital? Video? Let everyone in attendance know your industry prowess by being visible during an entire award category slot

  • Benefits include

    • Logo visible and prominent on all award presentation slides (except Best Of) during your one (1) category

    • Special, on-stage mention at beginning and end of your category awards

    • 6 Complimentary tickets



  • Because who wants steak without potatoes? Step up and own an entire category

  • Benefits include

    • All logo/branding-specific benefits from our Category and Best Of Sponsor packages

    • 6 Complimentary tickets


  • +$100

    We’ll let a company spokesperson of your choosing announce your category’s Best Of winner(s)




  • Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s magic in the mingle”? Neither have we (because we made it up). But it’s very true that our cocktail hour is a fantastic place to showcase your brand in a casual setting while our 80-100 attendees check in and get their sip on. Did we mention this hour is on a terrace overlooking the beach?

  • Benefits include

    • Prominent Cocktail Hour By check-in table banner (logo or graphic of your choice)

    • Prominent Cocktail Hour By outdoor a-frame banner featuring your logo

    • Branded table tents and/or business info placards on terrace tables

    • Branded drink tickets (


      for attendees’ complimentary first drink

    • Special, on-stage mention at beginning of awards ceremony

    • Dedicated social media posts & eblasts with logo inclusion on all event promotional graphics leading up to gala

    • Sponsor exclusivity (no other cocktail hour sponsors)

    • 6 Complimentary tickets



  • You’re onto the Golden Ticket, eh? Maybe you don’t care about just one awards category, but all of advertising in the Daytona area. We invite you to truly put a smile on Wonka’s face (and ours) and stay in front of our 80-100 niche, advertising & marketing-facing attendees

  • Benefits include

    • Prominent logo inclusion on all ceremony slides

    • Prominent logo inclusion on non-ceremony slides on screen (prior to and after ceremony)

    • Dedicated company spokesperson of your choosing assisting with presenting some Best Of awards

    • Repeated on-stage mentions throughout ceremony

    • Showing sponsor-supplied :30s sizzle video at beginning of ceremony

    • Dedicated social media posts & eblasts with logo inclusion on all event promotional graphics leading up to gala

    • Special, dedicated mention on Eventbrite page where attendees are purchasing tickets

    • Sponsor exclusivity (no other all-inclusive ceremony sponsors)

    • 8 Complimentary tickets (one full table with branded table tent)

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